Shiba Inu Care

Shiba Inus are small, compact yet sturdy little dogs that don't require too much special care to lead a long and happy life. The Shiba Inu or Shiba has a feisty temperament and grows to weigh about 25 pounds.

Start your Shiba off right by visiting the veterinarian as soon as you bring your puppy home. The veterinarian will suggest the proper shots that are necessary. Shibas are hardy little dogs that have a strong constitution and rarely get sick. There is a history of allergic reaction to some medications in Shibas. This can be true of some of the vaccines that they may receive, even a routine shot. For this reason some breeders recommend not giving your Shiba the Leptospriosis until the puppy is over four months old. There have been some indications that this vaccine has caused serious reactions in Shibas. Always stay at the vet office for at least 20 minutes after receiving any shots to ensure that there will be no adverse reactions.

Shiba care includes brushing. The Shiba has an outdoor coat that consists of two layers. They shed the under-layer in the Spring and sometimes another time during the year. During this time you should brush your pet daily or twice daily to remove the excess hair and promote easier shedding. The shedding process typically lasts about 3 weeks. After about the second week you may give your Shiba a bath, which will help remove excess hair.

Your Shiba's coat doesn't need much other care throughout the year. They are very clean pets and don't require a bath too often. Except for during the shedding time they don't really need to be brushed or bathed.

Training is important to the care of your Shiba. You'll want to ensure that your pet comes when called and is able to walk on a leash as well as listen to other commands. Always have your Shiba wear a collar with an ID tag attached. Many pet owners are now opting for chips to be placed into their pets for identification. This is helpful because a lost dog often loses his collar. The chip is placed under the skin where it remains for life. The chip can be scanned by a national database so your pet can easily be recovered when found.

Shibas love to run and exercise is an important part of their daily care. This includes running in a fenced yard as well as daily walks on a leash. The Shiba is a family dog and should not be left outside except while it is exercising.

Your adult Shiba should eat about a cup of dry food per day. You may also give some dog treats. You can use dog treats as training incentives. Even when your Shiba is trained you need to continue to reinforce proper behavior because they tend to have a mind of their own.

Your Shiba is a good watchdog and is protective of his family. For this reason you need to use caution when new people come to the home. Always supervise visits with the dog when other people are involved. With proper care and love your Shiba will be a member of your family for a long time to come.

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